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9 Zero Waste Gifts for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming up fast, we’ll all be thinking of gifts for our dads – ideally, not just another pair of socks! We know that gift-giving can seem at odds with the zero waste ethos, but our dads are special and we want to show them how much they’re valued.

The answer? Zero waste father's day gifts that are kind to the planet as well as to our dear ole dads. And who knows, perhaps your father will be so impressed by his prezzie that you convert him to a low-waste lifestyle, too.

Read on for some of our favourite eco-friendly gift ideas.

#1: Consumables

Whether it’s wine, coffee beans or some high-quality chocolates (in plastic-free packaging), consumable gifts are not only an eco-friendly option, they’re also often the most appreciated. Pick them up package free in your nearest zero waste shop and gift them in a glass jar. Getting someone something special they can enjoy, particularly something they wouldn’t treat themselves to, is thoughtful. Plus, consumable gifts will be gone by the end of father's day and won’t get left in a corner gathering dust.

#2: Herb Growing Kit

Most dads enjoy flexing their green fingers, and often enjoy cooking at home - so why not get them into growing their own indoor herbs. Our herb growing kit is a great eco-friendly gift idea that lets you grow all the kitchen staple herbs like basil, sage, and parsley, from scratch. Packaged completely plastic-free, it includes the seeds, starter pellets, compost coir, biodegradable pots and wooden labels. You dad will love having fresh herbs on hand and never having to buy a plastic packet of herbs again! Now that's zero waste!

Above: Avoid wasteful plastic bags of herbs by growing your own


#3: Compostable Phone Case

Protecting our electronic devices is important for reducing electronic waste. But did you know 1.5 billion plastic phone cases are thrown out every year? Ditch the plastic and treat your dad to a compostable phone case. Our 100% compostable iPhone case has anti-shock features that provide 360º protection against drops and bumps.

Compostable Phone Case

Above: Switch to a 100% compostable phone case by Listening Store


#4: Reusable Cork Coffee Cup

King among zero waste father's day gift ideas, this reusable coffee cup is ideal for dads who love coffee (all of them, right?) and are always on the go. It’s practical, thoughtful and one of the simplest ways to begin your dad’s conversion to waste-free living. The cork sleeve gives it a unique feel, plus it covers the whole cup, so no risk of scalded fingers!

Cork Coffee Cup
Above:  2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown out each year in the UK - switch to a cork coffee cup  


#5: Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

This present is a great way to get your dad to drink more water and encourage him to avoid single-use plastic. Our 500ml stainless steel bottle has an uncomplicated and classic design. The smaller size is the perfect companion for hikes and sports, and keeps drinks cool for 12 hours. Our top tip: squeeze a few ice cubes into the wide mouth of the bottle to keep your water cold on those hot days.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Above: This 500ml stainless steel bottle is the perfect size for hiking and sports


#6: Something Crafty

Don’t worry, we’re not thinking macaroni picture frames here – those days are long gone! But even now you’re an adult, we’re sure your dad will still appreciate a father's day gift you’ve made yourself, whether it’s your own pottery mugs or you’re a dab hand with a knitting needle. That’s what we call zero waste gifts with love.

#7: Insulated Food Flask

With lockdown started to gradually loosen up, we'll soon be heading back to the office. And that means we'll be back to our on-the-go lunch habit -  which create 11 billion pieces of packaging waste in the UK alone! You can inspire your dad to bring lunch to the office with a stylish blue dolphin food flask - at 300 ml, perfect for a small soup or cold salad. 

Insulated Food Flask
Above: An insulated food flask keeps food hot or cold for up to 12 hours! 


#8: Reusable Cutlery

First it was plastic shopping bags, then plastic straws.... we think disposable cutlery could be the next to be go. After all, does it really make sense to pick up a new set every time you're eating outside? Carrying light-weight bamboo cutlery is a no-brainer to reduce waste - like this stylish pouch by Wild & Stone (even comes with a handy carabiner clip!).

Reusable Cutlery
Above: Save hundreds of disposable knives and forks from landfill with reusable cutlery


#9: Time With You!

Our most zero waste gift idea of them all, something that requires no materials and no waste: quality time with you. Take him out for a drink, cook him dinner or treat him to a lunch out. This is such a lovely way for both of you to reconnect on Father’s Day and won’t require any wrapping, either!

Extra tip: Furoshiki Wrap.

Speaking of wrapping presents, if you want to maintain the element of surprise when you hand over your gift, don’t use wasteful wrapping paper. Furoshiki cloth is an elegant and unusual way to wrap your Father’s Day present – and your dad can always reuse it for the next gift he gives you!

Zero Waste Father's Day Gift Furoshiki
Above: Furoshiki wrapping looks better and takes less effort - What's not to love?


Have you ever given your Dad an eco-friendly gift that he loved? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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