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Life's A Picnic

Outdoor eating

You've gotta love those first magical days of British summer - the city seems to come alive as everyone moves outdoors en masse. We head to the parks and seaside to enjoy nature, but often by the end of the day we are throwing out loads of food packaging and plastic plates, cups and cutlery.

Glastonbury switched to stainless steel pint cups last year. You know what that means -  disposables are officially not cool.

So while you’re waiting for that first sunny day to come, why not put together your own fit-for-purpose picnic set? Mix and match your favourite cups, plates, cutlery and napkins and you’re good to go!

Try enamelware cups and plates. Enamelware is basically porcelain fused onto steel, so unlike plastic, it can be recycled for scrap metal at the end of its life. It also has a classic vintage look. 


Above: Falcon has made iconic British enamelware since the 1920s. 

Or for something even more lightweight, try plates and utensils from husk or bamboo. Avoid buying melamine and other hard plastics, which eventually end up in landfill. Although they look shiny and colourful, many of these plates are made using formaldehyde, which doesn't go well with food.

Bamboo Cutlery

Above: Bamboo cutlery lightweight, durable and made from sustainable materials


Use cloth napkins made from linen or cotton. Even though they're made of paper, disposable napkins and any other soft paper is not recyclable. Your fellow picnic-goers will think you're being classy and stylish, when you're actually just saving money and the environment. Cloth napkins are also way better for cleaning spills than the flimsy paper versions. 

Above:  These Cloth Napkins made of natural fibres will add a little style to your picnic

And when that sunny day finally comes, rather than create a mountain of plastic food packaging, try reusable wraps and containers. Check out our Keep It Cool and Al-Desko Lunch sections for some great ideas.


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