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Pepper Mill

Pepper Mill

The Border Grill Pepper Mill is a great modern spin on the classic pepper mill. Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger - professional chefs and owners of Border Grill and Ciudad have long extolled the virtues of freshly ground black pepper, expressing ''we look for equipment that will last our whole lives, so the quality of Fletchers' Mill mill is crucial for us.'' Fletchers' Mill grinders give them precise control through a patented 'Lock and Grind' grinding system. This unique mechanism ensures perfect consistency - whether fine grinds for fish, medium grinds for gravies or coarse grinds for meats.

Grinding is performed in a two-step process: first the peppercorns are crushed to release their natural oils and flavors; next, they are ground to the chosen consistency for perfect results every time. And all mills feature pop-out mechanisms for easy cleaning.

All Fletchers' wood products are handcrafted in New Vineyard, with American hardwoods, and carry a lifetime guarantee. Outstanding quality, unique design. From raw logs to the finished product the entire process is done in-house and under a watchful eye.

  • Sustainable wood and energy practices
  • Family owned company, American made products, lifetime guarantee
  • Pepper mills are fitted with a stainless steel 2-step mechanism which first crushes the peppercorns for enhanced flavor
  • Patented lock and grind grinding system; variable grinding; from fine to coarse; easily adjust to desired grind

We've all been there. You buy a cheap pepper mill, it inevitably breaks and you need to throw it away. Why don't things just last as long as they used to in the past? One of the easiest ways to reduce your waste is to buy durable and quality products.