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Medium Nib Fountain Pen Writing Instruments LAMY
Medium Nib Fountain Pen Writing Instruments LAMY

Medium Nib Fountain Pen

This Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is a high quality fountain pen with a modern design. Made from sturdy ABS plastic (a rigid durable plastic), this Lamy Safari Fountain pen is built to last and can be relied upon for excellent performance on a daily basis. It is fitted with a chromium-plated steel nib for extra style and durability.

This sturdy fountain pen features a handy flexible pocket clip made from spring brass wire, adding a contemporary feel to its design. The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is perfect for smooth, fluid writing everyday at school, home or the office. These pens are actually used by school children in France and Germany.

  • Fountain pen with cartridge filling system with ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue (can be modified for use with converter Z 24).
  • Steel nib, polished.
  • Available nib grades: medium (M) / extra fine (EF) / fine (F) / broad (B) / left-handed (LH).
  • white
  • Designer: Wolfgang Fabian

Avoid using disposable pens that were designed that way. Have you noticed how easily these pens just pile up? They are designed to be used up as quickly as possible and then tossed, so you can buy another one. Avoid this with a fountain pen. The only thing you'll throw away is the glass ink bottle when it is finally finished and even those can be recycled.