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Silicone Menstrual Cup (Mooncup) Feminine Hygiene Mooncup

Silicone Menstrual Cup (Mooncup)

Made from soft, body friendly silicone the Mooncup is the eco friendly reusable menstrual cup everyone is talking about! At around two inches long it is worn internally like a tampon but collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing.

It reduces leakage and odour. You will probably find that you need to empty your silicone menstrual cup less frequently than you currently replace towels or tampons.

  • A reusable menstrual cup
  • The moon cup will hold 30 ml of fluid
  • Contains no bleaches, deodorisers or absorbency gels
  • It does not interfere with your healthy vaginal environment

Mooncup menstrual cups offer a healthier alternative to reduce health and environmental concerns to a near-zero. You never have to throw tampons away again. The MoonCup will last you up to 10 years, so you don't even need to throw this away for years. Add to that the benefit of never having to worry about forgetting to take a tampon with you when you're on your period and it's win-win!