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Reusable Nespresso Pods

SealPod has been designed to replace the disposable coffee capsules for Nespresso machines. Now you can enjoy your Nespresso machine without feeling guilty about the environmental impact of disposable Nespresso capsules.

  • Patented design is perfectly safe to use with your Nespresso machine when used as directed
  • Sealpod Espresso Lids are foil seals that enable pressure to build in the capsule during brewing, resulting in great crema, just like your disposable Nespresso capsules!
  • Environmentally-friendly stainless steel Nespresso capsules will last a lifetime.
  • Food-grade sticker lids are recyclable. And you'll still enjoy the convenience of your Nespresso machine.
  • Safe for your body: Don't brew espresso through hot plastic!
  • 5 capsules, 120 lids.

The loudest opponents to coffee pods are not exactly who you'd expect - like Jean-Paul Gaillard the former Nespresso CEO, and John Sylvan, the inventor of American coffee pods, who is "full of regrets about their environmental impact". If you've already got a Nespresso machine, don't throw it out and create more waste. Switch to these reusable stainless steel capsules. Simply grind your coffee or buy ground coffee in recyclable packaging.