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Bicarbonate of Soda vs Baking Soda: Are They Really the Same Thing?

Is Bicarbonate of Soda the Same as Baking Soda?

Ah, the great debate: bicarbonate of soda vs baking soda. Although these terms often cause confusion, they are simply two names for the same substance - NaHCO3. Picture them as the dynamic duo of baking and cleaning!

Some folks across the pond in the US call it baking soda, while our friends in the UK, Australia and elsewhere tend to use the term bicarbonate of soda. But they are indeed one and the same!

What is Bicarbonate of Soda (aka Bicarb Soda)?

Alright, let's start at the beginning. Bicarbonate of soda, also known as bicarb soda, is a magical compound with the formula NaHCO3 (sodium bicarbonate). It's like a tiny wizard that lives in your pantry, waiting to work its magic in the kitchen or clean nooks and crannies. Need your cupcakes to rise? Bicarb soda's got your back. Want to freshen up your fridge? Bicarb soda to the rescue!


Bicarb soda

Above: Baking soda? Bicarbonate de soude? This magical compound has many names
Is Baking Soda the Same as Bicarbonate of Soda for Cleaning?

Yes! Whatever you decide to call it, baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda) isn't just a culinary superhero; it's also an incredible cleaning sidekick. You can use it to make so many eco-friendly DIY products for cleaning at home.

Here are a few other tips for using bicarb soda in your cleaning routine:

#1: Freshen up carpets - Sprinkle baking soda liberally over your carpets, let it work its magic for a while, and then vacuum it up. Say goodbye to funky odours and hello to freshness!

#2: Sparkling kitchen surfaces - Create a paste by mixing bicarb soda with water, and let it scrub away all the grime and grease from your countertops, sinks, and appliances. It's like a spa treatment for your kitchen!

#3: Extra-clean laundry - Add a cup of bicarb soda to your regular detergent when doing laundry. Watch as it banishes stubborn stains, absorbs funky odours, and leaves your clothes looking brighter than a rainbow.

#4: Fridge deodorizer - Place an open container of bicarb soda in your refrigerator and wave farewell to unwanted odours. It absorbs those stinky smells like a pro!

Difference Between Bicarbonate of Soda and Baking Powder

Hold your mixing bowls, folks! We need to clear up a little confusion. Bicarbonate of soda and baking powder may seem like twins, but they're actually more like distant cousins. Baking powder is a mix of baking soda, an acidifying agent (like cream of tartar), and a moisture-absorbing agent (like cornstarch). Unlike baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and baking soda do not contain these additional ingredients and are used differently in recipes. So you can keep the baking powder for your fluffy baked goods, and out of your cleaning closet!


Finally, it's time to put this debate to rest. Bicarbonate of soda and baking soda are indeed the same thing, like two peas in a pod. And they’re ready to tackle the cleaning challenges in your healthy, zero waste home!

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