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About Us

Kempii is an online eco shop created for people who want to reduce their waste, but aren’t sure where to start. Our mission is to inspire as many people as possible to reduce their waste, by showing them how easy it is!

Our Get Inspired blog is packed with advice on how to easily reduce your waste, so that you can find what works for you. Then, browse our eco shop and find products to help you on your journey.


Kempii - Eco Shop

Why Kempii?

Kempii was named after Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys Kempii), the smallest and rarest species of Atlantic sea turtle and one of thousands of ocean species threatened by plastic waste. By 2050, it is estimated that the ocean will contain more plastic than fish by weight. We hope Kempii will inspire people to create a better future for Lepidochelys Kempii and other endangered wildlife.


Eco Shop - Kempii


Working in busy careers in London, we had always lived the convenient disposable lifestyle, leaving behind a trail of waste - from coffee cups to takeaway containers.
After waking up to the global waste issue, we decided to make a change. We thought reducing waste would mean committing to huge lifestyle changes, but once we started out, we discovered it actually didn’t. Guided by the 5 Rs, we were able to drastically reduce our waste just by picking up some new habits and switching to reusable eco-friendly products.
We realised that more and more people were waking up to waste. So we created Kempii eco shop in 2018 to demystify the idea that reducing waste demands effort.


We work with independent brands who share our vision of a waste-free world, and most of them are based in the UK. We're proud to showcase these small eco-friendly brands on our eco shop and social media, and help them grow. We’re always on the lookout for new eco brands with a mission to reduce waste, so if we’ve missed any, feel free to get in touch.