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Elbow Grease

General Cleaning

Ever since Don Draper was schmoozing clients over martinis, marketing gurus have convinced us that domestic bliss comes from having a different cleaning product for tiles, showers, sinks, windows, ovens, fridges and kitchen counters.

Some of these products have a fresh scent. But although the room smells clean, these are just chemicals (lemon = limonene and pine = alpha pinene) which react with the air to form potentially harmful chemicals.

The overall result – cleaning cupboards bursting with half-used plastic bottles, along with itchy eyes, irritated skin, and dizziness.

What if we told you that only a handful of non-toxic cleaning products are needed to clean your whole place? Knowing this means a simpler cleaning routine, drastically reduced waste and better health. 

 Ditch the plastic bottles and simplify your clean routine


Using just citric acid crystals or vinegar (their acidity dissolves grime) and bicarbonate of soda (for odours), you can tackle any limescale, stain or odour in your home. Scroll down to our cheat sheet to see how they’re used.

Above: Shake it Off! Sprinkle your bicarb soda from a glass shaker.


Above: Spritz it! Mix up your own non-toxic products in a Glass Spray Bottle

If the DIY approach feels too Martha Stewart for you, try Splosh - ready-made cleaning products without wasting resources on plastic bottles or water.


Above: Just add water! Splosh refills can be ordered online and fit in your letterbox


Go for reusable cleaning tools and cloths, from sustainable materials. Avoid sponges - they are the perfect damp breeding ground for bacteria. 


Above: These bamboo cleaning cloths can be reused up to 85 times


Above: Use dustpans and brushes made of natural materials that won’t end up as landfill waste.


Household Surface Cleaning

The reality is you don't need an army of cleaning products to clean your surfaces. A surface is a surface whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom or utility room.

General Surfaces

Use a natural acidic water-based solution like white vinegar for surfaces and soap for spot cleaning.

White Vinegar

Mix 1 part vinegar with 1 part water. Add a few drops of essential oils for a nicer smell.

Bicarbonate of Soda

Sprinkle onto your surfaces and then spray with your vinegar solution, you’ll get a very satisfying fizz and extra grit for cleaning your surfaces.

Citric Acid Crystals

Dissolve citric acid crystals in twice the amount of water for crystals. It has the same effect as vinegar without the smell.


Use some Castille or Marseille soap with a wet cloth for spot cleaning.

Other Surfaces

Marble and Granite

Use some Castille or Marseille soap on a damp cloth for spot cleaning. Do not use acidic solutions as they will damage marble!

Hard Floors

Add 150mL of white vinegar to 4.5 litres of water to keep vinyl floors clean and shining.

Windows & Mirrors

Use a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar to 1 litre of warm water.

Use a microfibre cloth or wet and wring out a piece of paper or newspaper to wipe glass. It works!

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