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How to Have a Zero Waste Laundry Routine

There’s nothing like the feel of fresh-laundered clothes to brighten up your day. Unfortunately, that feeling often comes with a side-order of guilt about the waste caused by modern laundry routines. Luckily, the transition to a zero waste laundry routine is easy, if you know how.

A few simple steps will reduce the negative impacts, resulting in laundry that’s better for your health, your wallet and the planet. There are tons of different ways you can avoid plastic bottles, hangers and pegs, and implement a new zero waste laundry routine.

#1: Ecoegg Laundry Egg

We love this cute alternative to mainstream washing detergent – candy-coloured eggs that save you money, stop you adding more plastic bottles to landfill, and save your back from carrying around those huge bottles of detergent! How? You secure natural cleaning pellets in your Ecoegg, pop it into your machine and the minerals in the pellets clean your clothes. The pellets last for up to 70 washes and the eggs last forever – the easiest way to do eco-laundry.

EcoEgg Laundry Egg

Above: This EcoEgg laundry Egg can save up to 40* bottles of plastic per year

#2: Soap Berries

Soap berries (or soap nuts) might sound like a slightly off-the-wall way of achieving zero waste laundry, but converts fully swear by them! These 100% natural lifesavers grow on trees in India and Nepal and contain saponin, a natural eco-friendly detergent. Fastened in a muslin bag, they will release their cleaning properties into your washing leaving clothes clean, chemical-free and smelling a bit like apples.


Above: Soap berries (nuts) are an affordable zero waste laundry alternative

#3: Refills From Your Zero Waste Shop

Finding a good zero waste shop in London is no longer like hitting gold dust, thankfully. They’re springing up everywhere, and this doesn’t only reduce the plastic packaging for your food. In most, you can also bring along bottles or containers to refill on all kinds of cleaning products, including eco-friendly detergents and fabric softeners.

#4: DIY Eco Washing Powder

If you’re passionate about living a more eco-friendly life, you’ll need to get a little bit creative. Zero waste laundry can be achieved by a little DIY – follow some simple instructions to combine grated soap, baking soda and essential oil and end up with eco washing powder that can be customised to your preferred fragrance.

#5: Stainless Steel Pegs

Be honest, how many times have you lost a plastic washing peg in the garden, or had one inexplicably break in your hand? Flimsy, non-biodegradable, and dangerously tempting for birds, those plastic pegs are no good. Stainless steel pegs, on the other hand, will last a lifetime and you can get ones that are guaranteed not to rust.

Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs

Above: These stainless steel pegs have a lifetime guarantee against rusting

#6: Wall Mounted Clothes Airers

Tumble-drying clothes uses an astonishing amount of energy (not to mention your money when you get the electricity bill!). It’s easy to fall into the habit, but wooden racks to air-dry your clothes are easily installed in your home, and it doesn't take up a lot of space.

Wall Mounted Clothes Airer

Above: A wall-mounted clothes airer is space-saving genius!

#7: Laundry Powder in Cardboard

You can see from these suggestions that eco-friendly laundry is not a million miles away. However, we know that sometimes these things might not be feasible either for financial reasons or simply where you live. So as a last resort, we’d say that buying eco washing powder in cardboard boxes, rather than plastic bottles or bags, is a step towards zero waste laundry that can be achieved on your supermarket run!

Have you switched to a zero waste laundry routine? What did you find easy and where did you struggle? Share and inspire others!

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