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Shaving every day is a super fun and productive use of my time. Said no guy ever. No wonder we've seen the rise of the hipster beard. 

A clean shave doesn't come cheap either. No guy likes walking into Boots and asking the assistant to open the locked case and sell you overpriced cartridges. This all adds up to a disposable razor market worth US$ 34 billion - that's a lot of extra blades, micro-fins, lubricating strips, ergonomic rubber grips and vibrating handles. 

Gillette spent US$200 million to advertise their latest razor - that gets your stubble 0.0023 mm shorter. Note to Gillette: stubble length is not the measurement guys worry about...

Want to stop wasting money on features you don't need? Go retro with a safety razor. Your grandfather was a handsome guy - and he only needed one blade. This is great for your wallet - the double edge blades are cheaper than buying disposables. It's also better for your skin - one blade is gentler on your skin than five. And yeah, it saves all those plastic razors and cartridges from landfill too..

Above: A retro Safety Razor looks better on your bathroom shelf 

Reducing waste comes pretty naturally to guys, as it's all about keeping things simple and cutting back (What's that babe? We need to go shopping less often?). It's not just about lavender oils and organic make-up  - some natural, packaging-free products are made just for men.   

Above: Add some eco-creds to your shaving routine with Shaving Soap 


And if you think the Lynx effect is powerful, wait until you tell your next date about how you're caring for the environment.... Phwoah...

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