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Batteries and light bulbs could be the most toxic part of our waste problem. When batteries are sent to landfill or incineration, they pollute our environment with chemicals - like mercury, cadmium and lead. Each year we throw out 40 billion batteries worldwide.

No wonder that Duracell bunny always seemed creepy!

Battery recycling rates in the European Union are well below 45%, and the rest goes to landfill or incineration. More recycling would help, but why use disposables at all when rechargeables are actually better?

Rechargeables can outlast any conventional battery, and be recharged thousands of times. You might pay a bit more upfront, but you won't buy another battery years. Just think about what that means for your wallet and your waste footprint.

Reusable Batteries


Buying a light bulb used to be easy - Bayonet or twist? 60W or 40W? Now we’re faced with all sorts of round, linear or curly options.

Which one is best for reducing waste ? The short answer is light-emitting diodes - or LEDs -  the rockstar of light bulbs. LEDs are more energy efficient and can last for years, if not decades. That saves you money both on energy bills and purchasing light bulbs.


LED Light Bulb

Above: LED light bulbs can save you hundreds in energy bills

Best of all, future generations may never have to hear a cheesy light-bulb joke.

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