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How to revive your beeswax wrap

Cling film has long been the arch-enemy of any environmentally friendly cook, so when beeswax wrap came along it was a complete game changer. However, beeswax wraps do have a tendency to get a bit worn over time. Luckily, we have a few easy tricks to revive beeswax wrap that will help it last even longer.


How to revive your beeswax wrap

Above: Beeswax wrap stopped sticking? Check out our tips to revive your beeswax 

While they might be more expensive upfront than cling film, beeswax wraps look better, smell better and can last for well over a year with proper care. They also work incredibly well, and nothing beats that smug feeling of unwrapping your homemade sandwich for lunch from its eco-friendly packaging of a cutely-decorated beeswax wrap. There's no doubt they're one of our favourite cling film alternatives, and a must-have if you want to store food without plastic.


Beeswax Wraps

Above:  Beeswax wraps come in fun prints to brighten up your lunch hour

But after a few months of use, they may start to wear out and eventually end up limp, cracked or stop sticking. What’s the solution?

Here are some great tips to revive your beeswax wrap.

#1 Look after them well

This is basically one of the core tenants of living an eco-friendly life: look after your stuff. The better care you take of things, the less likely you are to need to replace them and keep the whole wasteful cycle going.

After you use them, do a quick refresh of your beeswax wrap by cleaning it using mild soap and cold water, just like you might wash a plate, and then hanging out to dry. Hot water will mess with the wax covering, so avoid that!


#2 Re-melt the wax

Lay out your wrap on a clean baking sheet, pop in the oven on a low heat (about 50 C) for a few minutes and voilà ! This melts the wax, allowing it to redistribute and deal with any cracks or creases. To help the process, you can remove the tray from the oven, pick up the wrap by the corners (carefully!) and hold it until the wax re-hardens. You might even want to give it a small ‘shoogle’ to spread the melted wax around evenly.

Revive beeswax wrap

Above:  Try melting in the oven on low heat to revive your beeswax wrap

A brilliant – and very satisfying! – alternative method is ironing the wrap between sheets of baking paper to melt and revive the wax. Top tip: use the same pieces of baking paper for this each time. It saves waste and any excess wax on the paper will get used!


#3 Top up the wax

The most effective way to revive a beeswax wrap is to give the wax a top-up. Deep clean your wraps (you can use hot water this time) then dry completely. Put the wrap on a baking tray, sprinkle with extra beeswax or resin, heat it in the oven and afterwards carefully spread the melted wax evenly across the surface using a clean brush.

Rejuvenate beeswax wrap

Rejuvenate beeswax wrap

Above:To really get your Beeswax wrap looking good as new, try adding extra wax pellets
This will leave you with beeswax wraps looking as good as new, and ready to keep being used for several more months.


#4 Repurpose!

If you’ve put the tips above into practice several times, chances are your wrap is looking a bit tatty. Does that mean you need to throw it out? No way! It can still be used for food that doesn’t need to be sealed, to line the inside of lunchboxes, perhaps even as a makeshift place mat.

Once you’ve revived your beeswax wraps once, you can – and should! - keep doing it forever.

Have you tried to revive your beeswax wrap? Which method worked for you? 

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