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Can you bring bar soap on a plane?

After what has seemed like forever, travel is finally becoming a reality again! As we dust off our suitcases and plan our next adventure, it's important to know the ins and outs of carry-on luggage restrictions. A common query among travelers is: Can you bring bar soap on a plane?

So, let's explore the realm of travel-sized soap bars, shampoo and conditioner bars, liquid restrictions and other tips that will have you flying through security, all while maintaining your hygiene routine on holiday!

Traveling with Liquid vs. Solid Soaps

When it comes to packing toiletries, many of us are used to carrying liquid soaps and shampoos. However, in most airports travellers may only pack liquids up to 100ml in any given container. Which means you’ll have to tip out your favourite shampoo (or buy a wasteful travel-sized plastic bottle), not to mention the pain of pulling out that clear plastic bag of toiletries each time you go through the scanners. That’s why solid bar soaps can be a game-changer for hassle-free travel. They’re not subject to the same liquid restrictions, making them an easy option for globetrotters.

Tips for travelling with soap

#1 - Opt for travel-size soap bars: Look for compact travel-size soap bars - perfect for maximising your luggage space. Or consider cutting a bit of soap off a larger bar with a knife or using a potato peeler to make individual soap flakes for each wash. This allows you to bring just the right amount while leaving the rest safely stored at home.

Mini Shampoo Bars


#2 - Dry your soap bar out completely before packing: Before you leave, we recommend placing it in a cool place to air dry. Otherwise, the bar may become soft inside your bag (although still better than leaking liquids!). 

#3 - Wrap in a Washcloth: Instead of packing soap in a plastic bag or case, consider wrapping your soap bar in a washcloth or beeswax wrap. This will help contain any moisture and transfer a lovely fragrance to your packed clothes!


Muslin Facecloth


ABOVE: Wrap your soap in a soft muslin facecloth

#4 - Shampoo and Conditioner Bars: In addition to bar soap, don't forget to explore the world of shampoo and conditioner bars. These compact and plastic-free alternatives are perfect for simplifying your toiletry bag and sticking to travel regulations.


As you can see, traveling with bar soap is absolutely allowed and we think it's a no-brainer! Say bye-bye to liquid restrictions and hello to the convenience of solid soap bars and shampoo bars. With the right packing techniques and travel-sized options, traveling with toiletries has never been easier!

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Are you allowed to take soap on  a plane?

Yes, you can absolutely bring bar soap on a plane! Unlike liquids, bar soaps are not subject to the same restrictions, making them the best choice for travel.

How many bars of soap can you bring on a plane?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other air travel regulators do not have a specific limit on the number of soap bars you can bring on a plane. Pack whatever you need!

Can you travel with shampoo bars?

You sure can! Shampoo bars are a great alternative to liquid shampoo when traveling. They are not subject to the same liquid restrictions and can be packed in the same way as bar soaps.

How do you pack soap for a flight?

To pack soap for a flight, wrap the soap bar in a cloth or small towel to provide protection and prevent moisture transfer.

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