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Fight food waste with tech

Best apps to download

Food waste is a serious problem, and we all have the best intentions to reduce waste, but may not necessarily know how to do it. What better way than by using an app? Let technology be your friend, whether you’re tech savvy or not.

Here are some of the best food waste apps available:  

#1: Too Good To Go

This app helps to reduce food waste by providing a platform for stores to sell their surplus produce, at reduced prices. It’s available in 9 European countries and is rapidly growing in popularity. Excess goods are delivered to your door, allowing stores to recoup some of their costs, as well as providing produce at reduced prices to those that need it.

too good to go

#2: Refill London

This clever app allows you to locate water refill stations around London. With 1,000’s of refill stations, this app will stop you from buying bottled water in single use plastic bottles; it’s good for your budget and good for the planet.

refill london

#3: Olio

A leader in the fight on food waste, this app connects neighbours and local stores, so excess produce can be shared rather than being disposed of. It also includes other items like garden tools and kitchen appliances, allowing locals to trade with those that are closely located; it’s a win for the war on food waste.


#4: Kitche

Kitche is a brilliant way to reduce food waste. The app addresses the challenge that so many of us face on a daily basis, creating a meal from the ingredients you already have in your kitchen cupboard. You enter the products and it gives you a selection of dishes that you can cook, using those ingredients. There’s no need to make a trip to the grocery store for that one ingredient that you don’t have in the pantry. It not only reduces the overall food waste of a household, by encouraging you to use ingredients that would otherwise spoil, but it also helps stretch the budget. It helps you to keep track of the food you've got at home in sending you reminders, even when you're on the go!


Think of the impact we could make if we all used these apps to reduce food waste! It would save tons of food from going into landfill, as well as provide affordable produce to those in need.

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