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Kempii Brands Wild and Stone


Wild & Stone was started by friends Kat and Sarah. As young mums, they needed a more flexible lifestyle, whilst also wanting to help rid the world of unnecessary plastics. They came up with a range of sustainable and reusable products for the household, on-the-go, bathroom and even a kids' collection. From bamboo toothbrushes, reusable make-up removal pads, to beeswax wrap, they've got you covered for zero waste staple products.

Kempii Brands - Kind 2


KIND2 was founded in 2018 by Sue Campbell, an Australian with a love of the outdoors. After feeling overwhelmed by plastic pollution during her travels Asia, Sue left her corporate career and embarked on a mission to disrupt the status quo and show how plastic free, soap free and cruelty free haircare can be a new normal. 

Kempii Brand Ecojiko


Ecojiko is a small family business, influenced by a love of nature, selling a range of eco friendly goodies and essentials for your home. All of their products are made from natural materials so that together we can work towards a less wasteful, more sustainable and earth-loving world. From bamboo salt and pepper pots, doughnut food clips, pot scrubbers, sponge scourers to dish brushes they’ve got you covered for zero waste kitchen.


Kempii Brand Elephant Box


Elephant Box is the first UK business to design and develop a "proper" stainless steel lunchbox that is tough, durable and looks great too.We want to provide stainless steel products that offer a real alternative to plastic and that people will find to be invaluable. Whether you use it to take your lunch to school or work, to keep your leftovers in the fridge or for your secret matchbox car collection; you are going to love your Elephant Box!

Kempii Brands The Listening Store

Listening Store

Listening Store was started during the London lockdown by Dani and Anastasios, putting the extra time towards an eco-friendly mission. With over 75% of the global population owning a mobile phone, and most of these protected by plastic cases, they hope to make a difference by converting at least some phone users to a compostable alternative

Kempii Brand - Epots


Based in Manchester, E-pots was started by a couple who loved gardening, but hated seeing plastic waste from plant pots and seed trays piling up. Their aim is to provide gardeners with a wide range of high quality sustainable products and materials to help them to reduce plastic use in the garden. 

Midz Plastic Free


Founded by a mom of two who initially started selling at friend’s market stall at Alexandra Palace Farmer’s Marketbut due to the pandemic they decided to venture online. Their products are made using sustainable materials including bamboo, silicone and stainless steel.



Scrubbee was founded by Maddie Booth, a university student who struggled to find affordable natural skin care alternatives, so she started making her own. When she learn about the beauty benefits of coffee-based skincare, she started using wasted coffee grounds from her morning cafetière – the idea for Scrubbee was born!

honeyco are a small, independent business, based in Worcestershire. Lucy does everything herself (with the support of her partner!) With a background in textiles and art, she loves picking different fabrics and creating items you'd be proud to show in your home.
MOOPOPS had been getting their milk delivered for years to reduce waste and as an easy way to support local business and the dairy industry directly. The only downside were the foil tops. So they came up with the idea of a reusable silicone top. They believe that if we all take small steps, big changes can be made.