Blackwall Bokashi Bin – Kempii
Blackwall Bokashi Bin
Blackwall Bokashi Bin
Blackwall Bokashi Bin

Blackwall Bokashi Bin

The Blackwall Kitchen Composter allows 100% home composting to be achieved by tackling the elements of organic waste that cannot normally be put into a traditional composter. This fabulous system allows you to turn ALL kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost. Meat, fish, and dairy products can be added to a traditional home composter using this ingenious kit.

  • 2 x Kitchen Composter with carry handle
  • 2 x Air-tight lid
  • 2 x Drainage tap
  • 1 x Drain cup/Bokashi scoop
  • 1 x 1kg Bokashi (3-4 months supply)

Landfills are like tombs for our food waste. Food can remain in a rotting state for years in landfills contributing to a dreadful effect on the environment like methane that contributes to harmful greenhouse gasses. Incinerating food waste doesn't make much sense either when the purpose of incineration is to produce electricity. Would it not be better to turn our food waste into compost? Reduce your waste by opting to compost your food scraps and create compost that can be used to grow more healthy plants.