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How to Store Shampoo Bars: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Congratulations on making the switch to shampoo bars! You might have noticed that these eco-friendly alternatives not only cut down on waste, but they also have a longer lifespan than traditional liquid shampoos. This is because they're more concentrated and free from added water. Indeed, with proper care, a shampoo bar can outlast liquid shampoo from a plastic bottle by two to three times. How great is that?

But, to truly reap these benefits, it's crucial to understand how to store shampoo bars effectively. Let’s dive into the best practices for shampoo bar storage, so you can maximize their lifespan and efficiency.
Why is Shampoo Bar Storage So Important?

Proper shampoo bar storage is essential for several reasons. When a shampoo bar gets wet and stays wet, it can become soft and mushy. This not only makes it difficult to use but also accelerates its deterioration, leading to waste. To avoid this, here are a few general tips:

#1: Keep it away from shower flow - Position your shampoo bar in a spot where it won't be constantly hit by water. This simple step can massively extend its lifespan.

#2: Ensure effective drainage - Proper drainage is vital. A shampoo bar that sits in water will dissolve or become gooey much faster.

#3: Allow for air circulation - Good airflow helps the bar dry evenly and maintain its consistency, which is key for longevity.

#4: Be cautious of sunlight - While exposure to sunlight won't affect the shampoo bar's effectiveness, it can cause the fragrance and colour to fade.

Removable drainage plate
Above: A removable drainage plate will keep your shampoo bar dry
Choosing the Right Shampoo Bar Holder

A good shampoo bar holder is a game-changer in extending the life of your bar. What should an ideal shampoo bar holder have?

#1: Drainage - This is the most critical feature. A holder with proper drainage will allow excess water to flow away, preventing the bar from becoming soggy.

#2: Airflow - Air circulation is equally important. A holder that allows air to reach the bar from all sides will enable it to dry evenly and quickly.

When it comes to materials, ceramic and wood holders are excellent choices. They're effective in keeping your shampoo bar dry while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom. For those who love DIY projects, creating your own shampoo bar holder can be a fun and rewarding activity. Use materials like bamboo, recycled plastic, or even creatively repurposed items from around your home.

Wooden Soap Tray
Above: Avoid plastic soap dishes and go for a natural wooden alternative
The Ideal Shampoo Bar Container for Travel

Shampoo bars are not only great for home use but also perfect for traveling. They're compact, leak-proof, and easy to take on a plane (no need to buy wasteful travel miniatures!). However, the key to traveling with shampoo bars lies in choosing the right container. Here are some tips:

#1: Airtight and Waterproof - These features are non-negotiable. They protect your shampoo bar from moisture and other external factors that could damage it.

#2: Glass Containers - Consider reusing a glass jar as a container. You can simply remove the label from an old jam or peanut butter jar and use that. It’s a sustainable choice and works great for storing shampoo bars. Just ensure it’s dry before placing your bar inside.

#3: Avoid Plastic Containers - Plastic can encourage bacterial growth if not dried properly, so it’s best to avoid using plastic containers for storing your shampoo bars.

#4: Muslin Cloth or Soap Saver Bag (see below!) - Ideal for travel, these options protect your shampoo bar and double as exfoliating tools, combining storage efficiency with practical skincare.

Reusable Muslin Cloths

Top Tip: The Soap Saver Bag

Our top storage tip is to invest in a soap saver bag. This little accessory is not only great for storing your shampoo bar but also for ensuring you use every last bit of it. When your bar gets down to those smaller pieces that are harder to use, just pop them into the soap saver bag. This way, you can use up every scrap, making your shampoo bar even more economical and environmentally friendly.

Sisal Soap Bag
Above: Use up all those leftover soap slivers by using a soap bag

Understanding how to store shampoo bars effectively is crucial in maximizing their benefits. By keeping your bar dry and well-drained, using the right holder or container, and collecting those final bits in a soap saver bag, you can ensure that your shampoo bar remains an efficient and eco-friendly choice in your daily routine.

With these storage solutions, watch your shampoo bar work wonders for your hair and the planet!

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