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Silky Smooth


Ever noticed how women in razor ads don't actually have any hair on their legs? Why are they shaving their legs? And where do they find the time to hang out in luxurious bubble baths and stunning waterfalls! Lucky ladies! For the women who don't live in this fantasy world, shaving can be a bit of a daily drudge. It also contributes to landfill waste:

Disposable razors are a huge waste problem – 2 billion razors are disposed of every year in the U.S. alone. What makes this number even more shocking is that because of their design, disposable razors are rarely recyclable and end up in landfills and our oceans.

The simple solution is a safety razor- which also happens to look chic and elegant in your bathroom.

While you'll make a small investment of £20- £25 upfront for a safety razor, in the long run you'll be saving money as you'll never have to buy new ones, just the refill blades from time to time. You'll also get a smoother and more consistent shave. What's more, shaving with a safety razor can also reduce skin irritation, as you only have one blade running across your skin rather than the multiple cartridges of disposable razors.

Above: C'est chic! Safety Razors are an elegant way to cut back disposables 

Use a shaving soap, or any other soap that comes without plastic packaging, to work up a good lather. Shave with the direction of the hair growth (as in - go with the grain). And to make your blades last longer, dry them in between use.



Above: Use Shaving Soap to get a smooth shave 

Use skincare products to prepare and finish up your shaving routine. A body scrub is always good to start off with, before shaving whatever body part. To give your skin a careful and further soothing finish, we would recommend using an aftershave balm or oil. You can always find shaving and skincare products in recyclable packaging, as well!

Kairn skincare shaving set
Above: Try Kairn's skincare and shaving products, like this set of three, for guaranteed super smooth skin 

So - now that you have luxurious, silky smooth legs - use them to kick butt in the landfill waste battle! Hiiiiyah!


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