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5 Tips for Switching to Solid Shampoo

There’s nothing like that sensation of shiny, clean hair making you feel ready for anything, like the girls in the shampoo ads, washing their hair in a jungle pool (why?!).

But endlessly throwing away the plastic bottles might be starting to dim that feeling, which is why many people are making the switch to solid shampoo. Using a shampoo bar will cut your waste dramatically and is much better for your hair to boot – not to mention the money you save!  

We know what you’re thinking: I tried solid shampoo already and it didn’t work. We’ve heard it before but that’s no reason to give up! With these tips you’ll be able to successful make the switch without "I’m washing my hair" becoming an actual excuse.


Solid Shampoo

Above: Just add water -  A Solid Shampoo Bar really get your plastic waste down

Tip one: Be patient!

There might be a transition period when you switch to solid shampoo; your hair might feel ‘weird’ or a bit waxy for a while. The key is to be patient – and don’t try it for the first time just before a big date!

The thing to remember is, chemical shampoos make your hair feel great by coating them in silicone and stripping off all the natural oil (lovely), so when you starting using natural solid shampoo instead it’ll feel strange at first. But stick with it, and you'll find your hair will adjust!

Tip two: Soap dishes are vital

The last thing you want is to have to fish your shampoo bar out of a puddle of soapy water every time you want to use it – in fact, nothing will put you off more. Keep it on a drainable soap dish so it’s safe, dry and lasts much longer. Learning how to store your shampoo bar properly will make it last 2-3 times longer than normal liquid shampoo.

Solid Shampoo

Above: Grab a wooden soap dish to prolong the life of your solid shampoo

Tip three: Tap into a few home remedies

Hard water is a pain for many reasons (lime scale, anyone?) but especially when it comes to using a solid shampoo bar. The minerals in the water bind to the soap molecules, leaving residue in your hair. But fear not, there is a solution!

Humble apple cider vinegar makes a rinse with the perfect pH balance to remove the soap deposits and soften your hair into the bargain. Combine 1 part vinegar with 3 parts water, spread it through your hair and voila!

Alternatively, try a pH-balanced shampoo bar - they actually work in hard water and are even kinder to your hair than your average solid shampoo. 

Tip four: Take it travelling

One of the many benefits of a solid shampoo shampoo is how well it travels, so why not take advantage of this? No more worrying how you’ll get your shampoo and conditioner through security in your hand luggage – just pop your bar in a soap bag and you’re ready to go!

It’s small, lightweight and stops you using the tiny toiletries provided by the hotel room, which are really just an excuse to make plastic. The perfect accessory to help you travel plastic-free!

Solid Shampoo - Soap Travel Bag

Above: A soap travel bag allows your soap to breathe, so it can dry out  

Tip five: Say goodbye to your conditioner, too

There’s not much point in switching to solid shampoo if you keep using chemical conditioners. Besides, there are such great natural conditioning oils in the bars that you’re unlikely to need to keep using conditioner.

Have you made the switch to solid shampoo as part of your zero waste haircare routine? How did you overcome the dreaded "transition period"? Share and help others!

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