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5 Eco Gifts For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure everyone’s looking for ways to treat our lovely mums – ideally with eco gifts that don’t end up unused or wasted.

Let’s have a look at some ways you can spoil your mum without spoiling the planet, with these great zero waste mother’s day gifts. Whether your mum’s a committed eco warrior already, or you’re looking to convert her, we’re sure these eco gifts will go down a treat.

#1: Herb Growing Kit

We don’t want to generalise, but a lot of our mums love a bit of gardening. So, what better present for the green-fingered mothers than a bit of greenery for plastic-free gardening? Packaged supermarket herbs are a waste we can never get our heads around – both in terms of the planet and financially. This pretty and compact herb growing kit is a lovely gift for your mum so she can have a year-round supply of fresh herbs, to use in your – we mean her – favourite meals!

Herb Growing Kit
Above: Grow your herbs indoors with a herb growing kit

#2: Reusable Face Rounds

Wet wipes are one of those products that make us feel a bit queasy, to be honest, especially when we see those images of fatbergs in the sewage pipes. Introduce your Mum to a zero waste game-changing product: reusable cotton face rounds!

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Above: Switch to reusable makeup remover pads like these ones from Wild & Stone

 #3: Biodegradable Phone Case

What’s a great present for a mother-on-the-go: an attractive phone case that’s not made of plastic, but rather sustainably-sourced plant materials. Our 100% compostable iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases has anti-shock features that provide 360º protection against drops and bumps.. It’s also not something she’d necessarily buy for herself, which all the best environmentally friendly gifts are!

Biodegradable Phone Case
Above: Ditch the plastic phone accessories and go for a biodegradable phone case

#4: Shampoo Bar and Soap Dish

You know that one of our top tips (and top gifts) is plastic-free shampoo. If your mum’s not yet made the switch to solid shampoo, why not give her one of these (which replace 2 plastic bottles of shampoo!)? They’re incredible quality, leaving hair soft and shiny, and so much easier to use than lots of shampoo bars.

If this gift seems a little too simple, combine it with a lovely enamel soap dish for your mother to keep her new bar on. After all, there’s no reason why zero waste mother’s day gifts can’t be stylish and useful!

Enamel Soap Dish

Above: Team your shampoo bar with an enamel soap dish for a lovely gift set

#5: Cork Travel Mug

A wise person once said you can never have too many reusable mugs. That wise person might be us, but it’s true! Whether your mum has one or two already, or is yet to be converted to the joy of your own reusable travel mug, this unique cork number will be a great addition to her eco lifestyle. The added touch we love is the that the cork insulation prevents scalded fingers, making this stand out among eco gifts.

Cork Coffee Cup

Above: Stand out with a unique handmade cork travel mug 

 How do you spoil your Mum the eco-friendly way? Share your ideas below!

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