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6 Plastic Free Alternatives to Cling Film

Cling film is pretty nasty stuff – it contains chemicals that can leach toxins into your food, and is one of the least recycled plastics. Luckily, there are many reusable cling film alternatives that will keep your kitchen plastic free. Here are some of our favourite substitutes:


#1: Beeswax Wrap

Please excuse us for making the obligatory joke about how this cling film alternative is the bee’s knees; because, well, it is! Reusable and easy to clean, these wraps are a mix of muslin, beeswax and organic oil, meaning they’ll create a natural seal over your bowl or around that half a lemon that’s always left over.

Beeswax wraps will last for months, and you can even revive them so they last even longer. Additionally, unlike cling film, they also come in an attractive range of patterns. So they’re altogether more pleasant to have in your kitchen drawers.


Beeswax Wraps


Above: Reusable Beeswax Wraps are a great alternative to cling film


 #2: Vegan food wrap

Luckily for any vegans out there, you don’t have to resort to using beeswax wraps in order to limit your waste. Vegan food wrap is a cling film alternative that uses plant-based wax to create cloths that do exactly the same thing.

These also have a wide range of patterns and sizes, so your food will keep well and look pretty in the fridge. They’re also great value for money.

Cling Film Alternatives - Vegan Wax Wrap

Above: Vegan Food Wraps are made using plant-based wax


#3: Silicone bowl covers

So often we’re stretching plastic cling film over bowls to keep that last little bit of pasta, but it doesn’t feel right. Stop this waste and still have leftovers for lunch with some reusable silicone lids. You can get them in a range of sizes and they’ll stretch to any shape – circular for your bowls, square and rectangular for that Tupperware container you somehow lost the lids for.

They’re easily washable and can be chucked in the dishwasher and used in the microwave with no issue - making them a versatile cling film alternative.


 Silicone Stretch Lids


Above: Silicone Bowl Covers can stretch to any shape – super convenient!


 #4: Cloth bowl covers

Of course, even though the silicone bowl covers are a great cling film alternative, sometimes you just don’t feel like having anything ‘plasticky’ in your kitchen at all. Luckily, you can then enjoy these pretty, 100% cotton cloth bowl covers.

Coming in bright colours – red, blue, yellow and green – they’ll be an attractive addition to your cupboards or fridge and can simply be popped over bowls to stop germs getting into leftovers.


Cling Film Alternatives - Cloth Bowl Covers
Above: Cloth Bowl Covers - so much prettier than nasty cling film!


 #5: Glass jars

Of course, one of our favourite plastic free cling film alternatives – and alternative to any kind of plastic in the kitchen, really – is glass jars. These are a must-have for anyone who wants to master their plastic-free food storage. You can get food container sets that have clip-on lids just like Tupperware or classic French storage jars. Or just use leftover jars you have lying around.

Cling Film Alternatives Glass Jars

Above: Using Glass Jars for storage ensures you’ll actually see your food, and won’t waste it!


#6: A plate!

Not to get too old-school here but popping a plate over a bowl or container of leftovers is always a possibility; alternatively, put the leftovers on a plate in front of someone hungry, and that’s the problem solved!


Have you tried any of these cling film alternatives? How did you go? Share and inspire others!


What can I use instead of cling film?

Some alternatives to use instead of cling film are: Beeswax Wrap (or vegan alternatives using soy wax), silicon bowl covers, cloth bowl covers, or glass jars. You could even just cover your food with a plate!

Is cling film environmentally friendly?

Plastic cling film is not environmentally friendly, as it's difficult to recycle and and made from potentially harmful chemicals (such as dioxin), especially as they break down in the environment.

Can you recycle cling film?

Like all soft plastics, cling film is difficult to recycle as without specialized equipment they will clog machines.

Is tin foil better than cling film?

Aluminium tin foil is a better alternative than cling film, although it's important to recycle tin foil as recycled aluminium has a much lower carbon footprint than virgin metal. The best alternatives are reusable solutions like glass jars or beeswax wrap.

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