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Food Storage

Every year, UK households throw out £ 13 billion worth of food - we're talking £470 per household of food THAT COULD HAVE BEEN EATEN. 

How can we combat food waste? Start with a well-organised cupboard and fridge - yep, it's really that simple. 

A packaging-free kitchen looks like something out of Vogue magazine (hey, you gotta start somewhere!!), and helps you figure out exactly what you have. What's more, by cooking unprocessed food from scratch, you'll start looking and feeling much healthier.

Keep your kitchen tidy with glass jars or stainless steel containers - they look great and are endlessly recyclable.               

Above: Store food in Glass Jars to give your kitchen a clean and stylish look


Above:  Freeze your food in Stainless Steel Containers 

Did you know, the amount of plastic produced since World War 2 is enough to cover the entire Earth with cling film? 

Cling film is pretty nasty stuff- it contains chemicals that can leach toxins into your food, and is one of the least recycled plastics. Luckily, bees - those awesome tigers of the sky - have the natural solution for us. Beeswax wrap. Its reusable, washable in cold water, and moulds easily to the shape of your food, with the warmth of your hands. 

Above: Beeswax wrap can be washed and reused for up to a year

Don't want to use beeswax wraps? Then go for a silicone alternative. A reusable sealable silicone bag to stash food in is a great alternative. They are versatile and can be boiled, frozen and placed in the dishwasher for a clean.

Stasher Bag is a reusable alternative to disposable cling wrap

Above: Stasher Bags can be reused over and over

If a disposable food wrap is unavoidable, then use tin foil made from recycled aluminium. Aluminium is 100% recyclable - nearly 75% of aluminium ever produced in the US is still in use today.


Aluminium food wrap is recyclable with other aluminium tin cans.

Above: Aluminium foil is closed loop - 100% recycled and 100% recyclable

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