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Whip It Good!

Preparing food

You may have heard of the capsule wardrobe - a careful selection of versatile, durable pieces that you love to wear, which helps simplify your life and reduce your waste footprint. Why not put together a capsule kitchen?

Start with durable cookware - quality pots and pans can last a lifetime and passed down through generations. Better yet - most are made of aluminium, stainless steel, copper or cast iron - these metals can be recycled over and over with no loss of quality.

Above:  High quality cooking pans like this one from Le Creuset can last through generations


Avoid frying pans coated in polytetrafluoroethylene.... Polytetrawhat huh?! A synthetic chemical invented in the 1930s, it also goes by the alias of Teflon. This magic non-stick surface seemed like a great idea at the time - but recently there have been rising concerns over toxicity levels. The thin plastic layer also means your frying pan will likely end up in landfill. Use a durable cast iron frying pan instead.

Kitchens all over the world seem to go by some unwritten universal law. First drawer- cutlery. Second drawer - utensils. Third drawer - anything and everything! Take stock of your drawers and pare it back to the basics. 

A chef’s knife is the single most important tool in any kitchen. Invest in a quality knife, take care of it and keep it sharp! Go for stylish wooden or metal utensils and mixing bowls. Avoid plastic chopping boards - before long their surface will be carved up, and studies have shown this can be unhygienic, as they won't dry properly. You can also end up with tiny bits of chopped plastic in your food - and we're pretty sure that's not in any recipe!

Above: Wooden utensils won't end up in landfill 


Above:  A classic wooden chopping board adds a touch of style to any kitchen

Most of us are guilty of this - buying the latest kitchen gadget, using it a couple of times, and sticking it in the cupboard. In Britain, 10% of kitchen gadgets are never used at all. That's alot of unloved spiralizers, waffle irons, toasted sandwich makers, all destined for landfill.

On the other hand, investing in a couple of gadgets may help you reduce packaging or food waste. With a high speed blender you can easily make your own nut butters, sauces, dressings, or even almond milk from scratch - saving alot on packaging waste. A durable toaster will last for many years and get you down to that last bread slice. 



Above:  Love the smell of toasted bread? Buy a toaster that is built to last
How often do you try a recipe with fresh basil, mint or parsley - use 4 sprigs and leave the rest of the bunch rotting in a plastic bag in the fridge. Aaaarrrgh... There is a better way. Why not grow your herbs right by the stove in a cute indoor herb garden? Too many leftover herbs? Try covering them in olive oil in your ice cube tray and freezing them. Once you're ready to cook, they can be tossed straight into the pan. And for the final touch, forget the plastic salt & pepper shakers and go restaurant-style with a classic wooden or steel mill.

Above:  Brighten up your kitchen with some indoor herbs - it's easier than you think!



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