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Eco-friendly pens and pencils

Writing pens used to be treasured possessions - gifts for special occasions. But ever since Bic launched the ballpoint pen, we've started throwing out millions of pens each day.

In 2012, Bic even launched a new "Bic For Her" pen in pink and purple - especially designed for women's unique writing needs. Man, these guys will say anything to sell you a cheap pen!

In the US alone, the EPA estimates that 1.6 billion pens are thrown out each year. Most pens are made of plastic that will not biodegrade in landfills.

Freebie promotional pens, biros grabbed from work**, we somehow end up with a whole stash of these. Then when you actually need a pen, you can't find one that works. And there you are frantically scribbling on some random pamphlets and receipts. Sound familiar?

Why not end the madness once and for all, and get a stylish refillable pen? It doesn't have to be a Montblanc investment piece (although who wouldn't want to practice their cursive with Hugh Jackman?). There are plenty of mid-range options.

Above: A classic Fountain Pen like this one from Lamy looks great on your desktop


** Kempii does not endorse the stealing of office stationery.

Same goes for highlighter pens. Yellow one runs dry and goes straight to landfill. Now you're stuck with that stupid purple one. Why not try some coloured pencil highlighters? Then you know for sure they won't run out, and you save the landfill waste.

Above: These funky HIghlghter Pencils will never run dry

Above: Refill, not landfill. Replace plastic whiteboard markers with refillable versions

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