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Tips for a Zero Waste Office

Back in the 70s, futurists used to predict the paperless office - along with flying cars, teleportation and undersea cities. You'd think that out of all these fanciful ideas, a paperless office might actually take off. But somehow, it never really did.

The global paper industry uses around 4 billion new trees every single year - wiping out a forest the size of Croatia. 

So, is a zero waste office really possible? Well thankfully, with digital technology improving fast, going paperless had never been easier. Most people now work with sleek laptops and digital notebooks. Leather briefcases full of documents, rolodexes stuffed with business cards, ring-binders bursting with invoices - don't these belong in the eighties?  


Office paper only looks cool in Eighties movies.  


Cutting back on paper doesn't take much effort - cancel your junk mail, download a business card app (why sort through them manually?), opt for electronic invoices and bank statements... An uncluttered zero waste office means you'll sail through life admin and be more productive. And save your precious time for... well... anything other than life admin.

Above: Set yourself free from unwanted mail! Follow these 6 simple steps 


When you have to use paper, make sure it's 100% recycled. It only takes a week for your old newspaper to come back as a new one. A tree will take many years to grow back. Download a free eco-font to save on ink, and use recycled ink and ink cartridges.

Above: Last week's news can become today's recycled notebook

Next time you need office supplies, go for brands that minimise your waste impact. Sustainability looks better too, so you can have a truly zen-inspired office, and get focussed! 

Above: Try desk organisers and other office tools made from sustainable bamboo

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