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Al Desko Lunch

Bringing lunch in

In a perfect world, we would all sit down at a cafe at lunchtime, enjoy an hour of great conversation and food with colleagues – no disposables, no worries.

Cut to reality - lunchtime conference call, 3pm deadline - too often the al-desko lunch is the norm. We grab something to go, and end up throwing out a plastic box, cutlery, napkins and carry bag just for one meal!

Bringing lunch to work can drastically cut your waste and save money. And it's no longer about tacky tupperware, soggy sandwiches and sad-looking leftovers. With a carefully selected container and a bit of inspiration from food-bloggers – you can cause serious food envy with an Instagram-worthy lunchbox. 

Above: Get your lunchbox inspiration from food bloggers or recipe books

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

Above: Showcase your lunch a in stylish lunchbox

Take some inspiration from around the world - the Japanese wrap their lunch using furoshiki. You can fold furoshiki to create a carry-handle, and then unwrap it to cover the table while you eat your lunch - talk about functional! In Mumbai, they stack their food in a tiffin-box and use the dividers as plates. That lets you pack different foods neatly together, while keeping it warmer.

Above: In Japan, Furoshiki Wrap has been used to pack lunches since the 17th century.

 If you're looking for a really quick win to reduce waste, ditching disposable cutlery is a no-brainer. You probably throw out a few plastic forks, knives and spoons every week without a second thought. And it all adds up:

Estimates suggest the US alone uses 40 billion disposable plastic utensils a year – that’s enough to circle the Equator 300 times!

All you need is a reusable lightweight cutlery set, which you'll barely notice in your bag. And if you're into Asian food, show off your chopstick skills with a funky reusable set. 

Reusable Cutlery

Above: Use lightweight Reusable Cutlery to save hundreds of plastic utensils from landfill each year

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