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Good Hydrations

Reusable bottles

Some day, we'll look back at the bottled water industry as a crazy, elaborate hoax. It's a global business worth US$ 170 billion, that logically doesn't need to exist. 

Water in most cities is perfectly drinkable, and even though bottled brands are labelled with pure springs and waterfalls, many of them are actually sourced from the tap!

Worse still, the industry creates billions of plastic bottles that travel across the globe to get to your local shop. After a single use, they're thrown into landfill or our oceans, and take 450 years to break down. Something's just not right here.

Stainless steel or glass bottles are much healthier choices - and not just for the environment. Ever noticed that gunky plastic taste when you leave a bottle of water in the sun ? It's not in your head - BPA and phthalates from plastic can leach into your water. These chemicals can cause all sorts of scary health issues. So much for taking the "pure" option!

Above: Keep your drink cool for 24 hours with a stainless steel bottle 

Now for the good news -  the game may soon be up for the bottled water industry. In London, Borough Market and Selfridges have already banned bottled water, and offer drinking fountains instead. London Zoo has started the #OneLess campaign to free the city from single-use plastic bottles. You can also download the free Refill app to find over 1600 refill stations in the UK. Now's the time to get a refillable bottle!

Above: Filter bottles like this one from Black & Blum make water taste great


Haven't found The One yet?  Browse through our selection of refillable bottles and you’ll be sure to find your perfect drinking buddy.

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