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Coconut oil as make-up remover. Does it really work?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that, after the age of 25, it is no longer acceptable to skip removing your make-up before bed. But nobody wants the hassle of a 10-step routine -  and don’t get us started on the chemicals included in most skincare products.

Why not try switching to a natural make-up remover?

We’re marketed so many beauty products that we end up with shelves full of half-empty plastic bottles – what a waste when stuff you have around the house will work just as well! Using coconut oil as make-up remover is a simple and effective way to streamline your beauty routine and reduce waste in the bathroom.

It’s not just coconut oil, either; other natural oils like olive or sweet almond work as a make-up remover as well. It seems a bit strange, because we’ve been led by the beauty industry to believe Oil is The Enemy.  So how does coconut oil make-up remover work?

Well, natural oil naturally dissolves the dirt and make-up without using harsh chemicals to strip your skin, leaving your face soft and cleansed, rather than tight and irritated. Plus, it actually works – no need to go back over your eyes to get that stubborn mascara or scrub at your delicate skin. Sounds good, right?

All you need to do is gently massage the oil into your skin, taking care around your eyes. If you’re using coconut oil, then for warm it up between your palms so it softens up before using it. 

Rinse your face with warm water and use a reusable sponge or cloth (no cotton pad or disposable wipes here, please!) to get rid of any remaining oil. Then simply relax and enjoy the feeling of clean, well-moisturised skin, which you’ll notice straight away.


Make Up Remover Pads

Above: Use cold-pressed oils with soft and reusable make-up removal pads


The other benefits might take a little longer to notice, but there are tonnes of them. Because coconut or olive oil make-up remover is natural, it’s much gentler on your face than anything chemical-based, so your skin will clear up, your wrinkles will fade and your eyelashes reap the benefits of all that moisture, too!

It’s also so much cheaper, leaving you wondering why you ever spent so much money on 7,683 cleansing, toning and moisturising products. After all, coconut oil does all of those things in one simple step, and creates minimum waste in the process. A jar of coconut oil could last you months - even if you’re using this multi-talented stuff for smoothing your hair, moisturising your legs or cooking as well.

Trust us, once you swap to natural make-up remover, you won’t go back. Plus you’ll be waxing lyrical to everyone you meet about it – yup, sorry, you’ll become one of those people!

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