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12 Eco-Friendly Stocking Filler Ideas

If all you want for Christmas is eco-friendly stocking fillers, so you can give your family all the excitement of unpacking a bulging stocking, with none of the bulging landfill bags on January 1st - look no further! 

Whether your gift is for an eco-conscious wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, or any other loved one, we've got you covered with these stocking filler ideas. What’s more, they're are all £15 or less, so they can also work as a Secret Santa gift for that tricky-to-buy for colleague.

#1: Dog Shampoo Bar - £10.00

Brand new on our website, this dog shampoo bar is a perfect gift for friends and family who became paw parents over lockdown, and are trying to be eco-friendly pet owners. Of course, you can also get one for your own fur-baby! Easier to use than liquid shampoo (no more juggling a bottle while holding a wriggling dog!), whilst being great for your dog and the planet. 

Above: Go plastic-free with your pooch and switch to a dog shampoo bar 

#2: Reusable Milk Bottle Tops - £4.99

Know anyone who gets their milk delivered? These silicone milk bottle tops would make a great sustainable stocking filler. They fit snugly onto a 1 pint glass milk bottle, forming an airtight seal and keeping milk fresher for longer. They're also generally handy for reusing glass bottles to keep fresh water or freshly squeezed juice in the fridge.

Reusable Milk Bottle Tops
Above: These reusable milk bottlle tops will brighten up any fridge

#3: Stainless-Steel Spork - £8.50

Who says eco stocking fillers can’t have a novelty factor? Sporks can be a bit of a comedy item, but they are actually useful! Light and portable, the lucky recipient will never have to use plastic cutlery again.

Stainless Steel Spork

Above: Never use disposable cutlery again with a  stainless-steel spork

#4: Reusable Body Sponge - £8.00

Winter is the perfect time for long and luxurious baths, but those plastic mesh shower poufs are a nightmare for the environment. You can get the same rich lather and gentle exfoliation from these 100% cotton reusable body sponges. Even the handy strap is made from cotton, so when it comes to the end of its life in a few months, it will completely compost. 

Above: Luxurious baths can be plastic-free if you switch to a reusable body sponge

#5: Reusable Face Rounds - £10.95

Everyone who uses these swears by them, so use this Christmas as an excuse to convert some more people! They’re eco stocking fillers that are bound to please, especially as they mean not having to buy endless disposable cotton wool pads and gross wet-wipes. If you're looking for an eco stocking filler for her, this might be it!

Reusable Make-up pads

Above: These reusable face rounds are more gentle on the skin than disposable wipes

#6: Rose Gold Cocktail Straws - £9.95

We'll all need a few cosy cocktail nights to get through this winter, so these will definitely come in handy! The rose gold is super stylish, and they're the perfect size to be used in short cocktail glasses. We love them because, unlike glass or plastic straws, they don’t break or bend, nor do they become a limp wad of paper 10 minutes into your drink. 


Above: Plastic straws suck! Ditch them for a stylish rose gold alternative 

#7: Enamel Soap Dish - £15.00

This vintage-look enamel soap dish is one of our best-sellers. It looks superb by your wash basin and is well designed with a removable plate that allows for draining so your soap won't go soggy. A perfect eco stocking filler for anyone who's made the switch to shampoo bars and soap in their zero waste journey.

Enamel Soap Dish

Above: This stylish enamel soap dish helps prolong the life of your soap or shampoo bar

#8: Wooden Soap Dish - £14.00

This wooden soap dish, with a more natural look, would also make a great eco stocking stuffer for anyone trying to reduce waste in the bathroom. It's made by a social enterprise that collects wood waste destined for landfill, and turns it into useful products and furniture. Now that’s reducing waste!

Wood Soap Dish

Above: This reclaimed wood soap dish is made in London from recycled wood

#9: Bamboo Toothbrush Case - £7.95

Now that we can finally head abroad again, travel accessories can make for great stocking filler ideas. A bamboo toothbrush case will keep your sustainable toothbrush clean and dry, and the bristles free from germs. Paired with a bamboo toothbrush, this makes a great stocking filler for your eco-warrior friend.

Bamboo Case

Above: A bamboo toothbrush and travel case make the perfect gift for your eco-warrior friend


#10: Reusable Tea Strainer - £10.00

A nice cup of tea makes everything better... but maybe not the environment. Standard teabags contain plastic that takes many years to biodegrade and can release micro-plastics into your brew. Switching to loose leaf tea is a great alternative - this easy-to-use strainer will make the perfect eco stocking filler for any tea lover.

Above: Brew healthy loose-leaf tea with a reusable tea strainer

#11: Animal Print Beeswax Wraps - Pack of 3, £14.00

The best kind of eco-friendly stocking fillers are the things people see all the time and think “I must buy those” yet never get around to buying for themselves. Voila, beeswax wrap! The perfect alternative to wasteful cling film, with cute patterns into the bargain.

Beeswax Wraps
Above: Beeswax wraps - a prettier and eco-friendly alternative to nasty cling film!

#12: Homemade Gifts!

Of course, the best option for eco-friendly stocking fillers is always going to be something you don’t even need to buy. Truffles are surprisingly easy to make, for example, and are fancy enough for a present – try Anna Jones’ recipe and put them in a pretty box (reused or upcycled, of course).

Chocolate Truffles

Above: Homemade chocolate truffles make for a delicious and thoughtful gift


Vouchers are also a lovely way to treat your loved ones, without needing to spend or add to landfill. We don’t mean endless WH Smith vouchers encouraging people to buy more things, of course. Instead, make your friends or family a voucher for something you can do for them (no X-rated suggestions here, please!). It might be a freshly-baked cake, work in the garden, or a deep-clean of the top of the fridge – whatever will make them happy!


That's a wrap! Hopefully we've inspired you with plenty of eco-friendly stocking filler ideas! For more ideas on how to have a sustainable Christmas, check our our zero-waste Christmas and plastic-free gift blogs.


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