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9 Plastic-Free Gifts for a Sustainable Christmas

Not sure what to buy for that zero waste friend this Christmas? Check out our favourite plastic-free gifts. But be careful; you might end up with a couple of new items for yourself!

#1: Recycled Glass Tumblers

It’s hard to explain how much we love these vintage hand-blown tumblers. They’re made from recycled glass, so already have good eco-friendly credentials, and can be used instead of throw-away plastic cups for parties and picnics. And seriously, they’re stunning – go and take a look now (buy them as presents, keep one for yourself!).


Plastic-Free Gifts

Above: Mix and match these recycled glass tumblers from 15 colour options!


#2: Enamel Soap Dish

Anyone who uses soap or shampoo bars will appreciate this retro enamel soap dish. Allowing shampoo or soap bars to properly dry makes them last longer, and this looks so much better than a slippery bar on the edge of the bath!

Enamel Soap Dish

Above: Keep your shampoo bars well drained with an enamel soap dish, and they'll last longer! 

#3: Zero Waste Unsponge

Increasingly, people appreciate presents they’ll actually use, and these attractive reusable sponges are the perfect example of that. Made of cotton and cellulose, these plastic-free Unsponges will last about 4 months and really brighten up the kitchen sink! Definitely a healthy alternative to your plastic kitchen sponge!

Above: Ditch the plastic kitchen sponge and try a Zero Waste Unsponge 

#4: Stainless-Steel Lunchbox

What makes a streamlined stainless-steel lunch box the ideal eco-friendly, zero waste Christmas gift? Well, it’s versatile, practical, and gives people the boost they need to start making their own lunches rather than popping to M&S for a plastic-wrapped salad with plastic fork. Get it for a co-worker so you can see it in use!

Above: Versatile and practical - try a stainless-steel lunchbox 

#5: Laptop Sleeve

The plastic-free gift they don’t know they want until they get it! We can’t get over how adorable this knitted laptop sleeve is – the chunky knit makes it look unique, while the upcycled yarn makes a thick material that saves your laptop from landfill as it weathers all bumps and falls. A stylish way to combat electronic waste!

Knitted laptop sleeve

Above: Stylish and made from upcycled yarn - we love this knitted laptop sleeve

#6: Reusable Bottle

We’ve found that a high-quality reusable bottle is something people seem unwilling to invest in for themselves, so why don’t you invest in one for them? Plastic bottles are unbelievable wasteful and ugly, so they’re sure to appreciate an attractive stainless-steel version.

Stainless-Steel Bottle

Above: A classic stainless-steel bottle is perfect for a zero waste beginner!

#7: Plastic-Free Glitter

A totally unique plastic-free gift idea, a colourful set of eco-friendly glitter is perfect for a friend who wants to sparkle this Christmas! Most glitter is made of plastic and never biodegrades, while this stuff will brighten up a party, night out or festival, before the cellulose film safely biodegrades.

Plastic-Free Glitter

Above: Make it a sparkly and plastic-free Christmas with eco-glitter fun

#8: Refillable Eyeshadow

A perfect Christmas present for the friend who doesn’t want their love of glamour to have a negative impact on the environment, this gorgeous bamboo palette comes with pearly eyeshadow made from natural ingredients. It can then be refilled with more when it runs out, or even with a new shade entirely.

Refillable Eyeshadow I Plastic-free Gifts

Above: These eyeshadow palettes can be refilled, saving on packaging waste

#9: Wooden Paper Potter

We love a plastic-free gift that includes some creativity, and this one ticks all the boxes. It’ll allow your green-fingered friend to make compostable seedling pots from old newspaper using wooden paper potter and the instructions that are included. Even better, they’ll never have to use and discard those black plastic plant pots (which are rarely recycled).

Wooden Paper Potter

Above: Your green-fingered friend will love making these plant pots with a paper pot maker

 Have you ever received or given a memorable plastic-free gift? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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