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How to make (non-slimy!) oat milk

Firstly, a big thank you to Ander and Adam, a.k.a. the Goxuboys for sharing this guide on how to make (non-slimy) oat milk, and giving us the opportunity to share it on Kempii! Check out their Instagram page for more zero waste and plant based recipes and advice.

Don’t tell almond or coconut, but oat milk is our favourite dairy milk substitute – it’s got a creaminess that the others can’t match, plus it’s the best plant milk for the environment. No wonder cafés up and down the country keep plenty in stock!

In recent months, we've even noticed oat milk shortages in London... This terrifying thought (running out of oat milk!), along with the fact that it still comes in hard-to-recycle Tetra Pak cartons, should be enough to push you to make your own. Some of you might even have tried before, but ended up with something a little slimier than you’d like. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with how to make oat milk - without the sliminess, or the hassle.

How to make oat milk (non-slimy)

Above: How to make oat milk. Photo credit: @goxuboys


Step one: Gather what you need

1 x cup of oats (100 grams per cup)

3 or 4 cups of water (250ml per cup)

A date or other sweetener

Salt (optional)

A muslin cloth or nut milk bag

A blender

Strong hands

If possible, try to pick up your rolled oats and dates package-free, from a zero waste shop.

Above: You'll need a nut milk bag or muslin cloth to strain the oat milk

Step two: Soak oats for about 30 minutes (optional)

This step is only necessary if you’re using steel-cut oats. Rolled oats are better but we wouldn’t recommend soaking them as this tends to yield slimier results (in our experience!).

Different people say different things, though, so you could always try both ways and see what you prefer! After soaking the steel cut oats for about 30 minutes, rinse them off.


How to make oat milk (not slimy) - Step 2

Above: Soak and rinse! Photo credit: @goxuboys


Step three: Add water and sweetener

Put your oats in a blender along with 3 or 4 cups of water (this might require some experimentation but it comes down to how thin you like your milk) and a sweetener. We use a pitted date to keep things healthy, but honey or agave syrup would work too (depending on how sweet your tooth is!).


How to make oat milk (not slimy) - Step 2

Above: Add water and blend! Photo credit: @goxuboys


Step four: Blend!

Blend everything together for about 30 seconds. One of the best tips for avoiding sliminess in your oat milk is not to over-blend. It can be tempting to whirr it until it all looks smooth, but this will actually have an adverse effect on your final product.

Top tip: if you’re using a date, it’s worth blending it with the water before putting the oats in to ensure it’s fully broken down.


Step five: Use your muscle

Yup, this is the part that really makes you work for your milk: gently squeezing the milk through the muslin cloth. Put the muslin over a bowl or wide-topped jug and pour the blended water and oats into the cloth.

Almost like you’re milking a cow, gently squeeze the cream through the muslin cloth into the container. Don’t squeeze too hard or the liquid will get a bit gloopy (which is what we’re trying to avoid!).

How to make non-slimy oat milk - Step 3

Above: Squeeze the cream gently through the cloth. Photo credit: @goxuboys


Top tip: Want to avoid the mess of a muslin cloth? You can also make oat milk (in a small batch) by pushing the mixture through a French press, like you would for coffee!


Step six: Keep it cool and enjoy!

Pour your finished oat milk into another container and keep it refrigerated in your zero waste fridge. This is important: when oat milk gets warm, it tends to act like porridge and get thicker. Once you’ve made your delicious oat milk, you don’t want to undo that good work!

How to make oat milk (not slimy)

Above: Pour it into your container of choice! Photo credit: @goxuboys


To keep your homemade oat milk fresher for longer, use silicone milk bottle tops. They'll fit snuggly on your pint bottle of milk, and brighten up your fridge too!


Silicone Milk Bottle Tops

Above: Funk up your fridge with these silicone milk bottlle caps

So there you have it – easy and delicious oat milk that doesn’t break the bank or hurt the planet. Once you give it a try, please let us know how it came out in the comments section below!  

Want more ideas for reducing waste in the kitchen? Check out our food preparation blog.


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  • @Barry Commercial oat milks like Oatly Barista uses rapeseed oil to help with frothing the milk – some people add nut oil or cashews to get a homemade barista version. Let us know how you go!

    Kempii on
  • Great idea, making your own oat milk, but how is it in coffee? Any tips to make a barista version?


    BArry on
  • Thanks for commenting, Diana! Glad you enjoyed it :)

    Kempii on
  • Delicious! I used a fine gauge funnel sieve which worked well and put the oat mush left behind on my homemade granola and fruit for breakfast :)

    Diana on

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