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Beeswax Wraps: Everything You Need To Know

Looking to reduce waste and de-plastify your kitchen? Beeswax wraps are a must-have! Never wrestle with cling-film or tin foil again, nor feel guilty as you chuck those disposable materials after one use.

These simple alternatives are reusable and eco-friendly, look cute in your fridge, and will save you a lot of money. This is our ultimate guide to using beeswax wraps in the UK.

What is beeswax wrap?

It’s an all-natural reusable food wrap made with organic cotton that’s been coated with beeswax, resin and jojoba oil. Because your hands soften the wax, you can mould the wraps to enclose your sandwiches for a packed lunch, cover a bowl or plate, or protect other produce.

Beeswax Wrap
Above:  Beeswax Wraps are made from cotton coated in beeswax, resin and jojoba oil

How long do beeswax wraps last?

With good care (see below), they’ll last up to a year, which is pretty incredible when you think about how many rolls of cling film you used to get through!

Are beeswax wraps vegan?

Because they’re made of bee product, they’re unfortunately not vegan. Luckily, there are some great vegan alternatives to beeswax wraps in the UK. They work in the same way, but use plant wax instead of bees’ wax

How do you wash beeswax wraps?

Not in the washing machine! Different brands have their own instructions, but by and large, simply washing with plain soap and cool water will keep them fresh.

How do you care for beeswax wraps?

As well as washing them regularly as discussed above, there are a few other easy ways to look after your beeswax wraps. Avoid any sources of heat, including hot water, microwaves and tumble driers. These will cause the wax to melt and then crack, making them much less effective.

It’s also a good idea to store them lying flat if possible – rather than in a crumpled heap at the back of a cupboard (no judgement!).

Can you rewax beeswax wraps?

If a year just isn’t long enough, you can try reviving your wraps to make them last longer. Put a clean, dry wrap on a baking tray, sprinkle with extra beeswax or resin, then pop it in the oven at a low heat. When the wax is melted, take it out and spread across the surface with a clean brush, then leave to set. Voila, your wraps are as good as new!

Revive Beeswax Wrap
Above:  Revive your beeswax wrap to make it last even longer 

Can you make your own beeswax wraps?

One of our favourite things about beeswax wraps is that they come in a range of colours and designs. If you really want to personalise them, making your own means you can choose the fabric – it’s incredibly easy!

After you’ve cut the fabric to size – we recommend making a range of sizes for different purposes – simply follow the steps you use to rewax: lay the fabric out flat on a baking tray, sprinkle over wax pellets, heat until melted and then spread evenly and leave to dry.

Why would you not use these wraps?

Excellent question! Beeswax wraps are one of the simplest swaps you can make for a plastic-free kitchen – once you convert, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Do you have any other questions about beeswax wraps? Ask us in the comments below!

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  • And if after a year of use you can’t/ don’t want to reuse them you can use them to light up a bbq or campfire!

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