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20 Eco-Friendly Products to Reduce Waste in 2020

No one can deny that 2020 hasn’t exactly been the year many of us planned. Living in unprecedented times, we’ve had to revisit a lot of our goals. One goal you don’t have to give up, however, is living a more sustainable life.

In fact, it’s the perfect time to transition to more eco-friendly products! Being at home a lot means you can experiment with shampoo bars without anyone seeing the greasy-looking changeover period, and you never forget your refillable water bottle.

Let’s have a look at some of the best eco products you can bring into your life in 2020.

Beeswax wrap

Cling film is one of the ickiest single-use plastics around. It’s 100% single-use, and it feels horrible to wrap food up in that chemical-laden plastic. The solution? Beeswax wrap. It’s attractive, natural and can be used time and time again.


The synthetic fibres of your yellow-and-green kitchen sponge aren’t only ridden with germs, they’re also terrible for the environment. Among the many great eco friendly products you can use instead is an UnSponge. It cleans well, foams up nicely and is made of all-natural materials.

Mesh produce bags

The war against plastic bags has been long. Luckily lots of countries now have laws to prohibit their overuse. But what about keeping your fruit and veg together on your weekly food shop? Mesh produce bags are an invaluable eco product. You can see what’s inside and use them to store things in the fridge.

Silicone stretch lids

Now we’re all cooking at home, there are a lot of leftovers. Why keep buying plastic Tupperware or stretching clingfilm across your bowl when one of the easiest steps to a zero-waste life is stretchable lids that will fit on any container?

Bamboo toothbrush

Once you learn that over 3.6 billion toothbrushes are thrown away each year, it’s hard to look at that brightly-coloured piece of plastic in your bathroom in the same way! Next time you need to replace it, opt for a bamboo one. These eco products are sustainable and biodegradable.

Plastic-free deodorant

One of the areas people seem least keen to make a zero-waste switch is in deodorant. To be fair, natural deodorant doesn’t always get the best rap. However, as there are tons of chemical-free deodorants that come in compostable packaging and make you smell great!

Shampoo bars

If you’re switching to eco friendly products, the stream of plastic bottles generated from your beauty routine is a good place to start. Shampoo bars are all-natural, last for ages and have completely biodegradable packaging.

Safety Razor

These take some getting used to but now’s the time to practise. Disposable plastic razors take centuries to decompose and cost masses. Safety razors, on the other hand, look and function much better. All you need to replace is the blades (carefully!).

Period underwear

Honestly, one of the best eco products we’ve ever invested in. Disposable pads and tampons aren’t only terrible for the environment, they’re also uncomfortable and expensive. Period pants are the opposite – comfortable, reusable and convenient.

Reusable face rounds

Fight the fatberg with these reusable cotton pads. No more wet wipes and throwaway cotton balls; instead you can cleanse and tone your skin with these soft and washable rounds. They’ll save you a lot of cash and the more you wash them, the softer they feel!

Ecolaundry egg

There’s nothing like the feel of clean clothes but doing laundry results in a lot of waste. Additionally, most detergents are packed with chemicals. These Ecoegg laundry eggs wash your clothes with natural cleaning pellets, reducing waste enormously.

Bamboo cutlery

If you take a lot of packed lunches to work or simply enjoy a picnic, great eco friendly products to invest in are bamboo utensils. You can get a whole set and bring them camping, hiking or picnicking without weighing your bags down.

Stainless steel lunch box

A stainless-steel lunchbox with different sections means you can make a meal with multiple parts, not simply a sandwich. Steel means no BPAs in your food, and no wasted plastic.

Travel soap bag

The perfect way of avoiding the dreaded ‘travel miniatures’ aisle and resulting plastic waste, cute travel soap bags allow you to bring your soap and shampoo bars with you when you go on adventures!

Reusable coffee cup

There’s a reason reusable coffee cups are the most popular among all the eco-friendly products you can switch to. They look better and feel nicer than disposable cups; plus, at lots of coffee shops you’ll even get a discount for using them. In fact, why haven’t you got one yet?

Refillable water bottle

Another thing on the ‘don’t you already have one?’ list is a refillable water bottle. Single-use plastic bottles are atrocious for the environment, languishing in landfill for eons. Get into the habit of bringing your refillable bottle everywhere and you’ll never be dehydrated again!

Fountain pen

Everyone’s looked down at their cheap ballpoint as it runs out again and wondered at how pointless these cheap, disposable pens are. Fountain pens don’t only reduce waste, they also look better, feel great in your hand and result in gorgeous calligraphy (OK, that last part is your responsibility!).

Dry highlighter pencils

Taking eco stationery to the next level, dry highlighter pencils allow you to colourfully annotate your notes and plans without throwing away dozens of plastic highlighter pens as you do so.

Paper potter

If you’ve got green fingers (or are hoping to!), you might despair at having to plant things in plastic pots – but there’s no need! You can get a paper potter or a set to make them, so that all your seedlings will start their lives in fully compostable containers.

Furoshiki wrap

We can learn a lot from the Japanese custom of wrapping presents in clothes with beautiful patterns: it looks more attractive, shows that you’ve put care into your gift, and saves you all that non-recyclable wrapping paper. It’s also incredibly versatile, so you can use these clothes as carrier bags and lunch-wrappings as well.

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