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Stay On Trend

Nothing is cooler than saving the planet. And if you need proof, just look at all the A-Listers getting into this cause.

Style and Sustainability Go Together to Reduce WasteStella McCartney has teamed up with Parley for Oceans to turn ocean plastic into the newest luxury fashion trend. Emma Watson’s stunning gown at 2016’s Met Ball was made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. Musician Jack Johnson has been fighting single-use plastics for over a decade.

Sustainability never goes out of style. We all know it. Paper plates and flimsy plastic cutlery or ceramics and silverware? Luxury organic soaps or a bathroom shelf crammed with plastic bottles? Although we're often tempted by the cheap and disposable option, reusable and plastic-free is always a better look.

Discover a new wave of designers. Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring. Today’s designers are coming up with fun and creative products to tackle global plastic and waste pollution. You just have to find them.

Let Kempii do the searching for you. Get products to reduce your waste.

Simple Living: Switch from disposables to reusables & make life easier.   Stay On Trend: Sustainability never goes out of style.     Be The Change: Feel good about reducing your environmental impact.