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Be The Change

Climate Change. Pollution. Ocean Plastics. Habitat Destruction. Deforestation. Water Scarcity. People want you to care about a lot of environmental issues these days.

Reduce Your Waste ImpactBy reducing your waste footprint, you can tackle all of these issues at once – getting plastic bottles out of our oceans, reducing demands on mines and oil fields, avoiding greenhouse emissions from food waste, keeping toxic chemicals out of landfill. Just making a few conscious daily choices can drastically reduce your impact.

You’re more powerful than you think. Not everyone wants to be an activist. But when you start making changes, you’ll notice something positive. “Hey, I didn’t know you got a discount for bringing your own coffee cup”. “Cool stainless steel bottle! Where did you refill it?”

Changing a few waste habits may not save the world overnight – but it just might start the conversation that will.

Learn more about the issues on the Zero In On Waste (ZIOW) Blog

Simple Living: Switch from disposables to reusables & make life easier.   Stay On Trend: Sustainability never goes out of style.     Be The Change: Feel good about reducing your environmental impact.