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Simple Living

We're living in a material world ...and its entirely by design. It all started in 1955 with the ideas of an American economist: 

Simple Living to Reduce Waste“We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced and discarded at an ever increasing pace. We need to have people eat, drink, dress, ride, live, with ever more complicated and, therefore, constantly more expensive consumption.”  Victor Lebow

Fast forward 60 years and no wonder we’re all exhausted!

The truth is, a disposable lifestyle is not as convenient as advertisers want you to think. When you break the cycle of constantly buying single-use products and throwing them out - life becomes easier and clutter-free. 

The only hard part is knowing where to start.

Luckily, Kempii’s got your back on this. Our inspiration posts explain simple habits to reduce your landfill and plastic waste. Our product selection provides a one-stop shop for making easy switches to reusable alternatives. 

Start exploring and get inspired! 

Simple Living: Switch from disposables to reusables & make life easier.   Stay On Trend: Sustainability never goes out of style.     Be The Change: Feel good about reducing your environmental impact.