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You might think reducing waste takes huge effort and sacrifice - but that's just a myth. It’s within anyone’s reach, and can seriously change your life for the better. The hard part is figuring out where to start. That’s where Kempii helps. Want to know how to make a difference quickly? Start now with our 10 QUICK TIPS.

Really want to go that extra mile and drastically reduce your waste? Explore Kempii to get inspiration.

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As soon as you’ve picked up a couple of new habits, you’ll be hooked on your new lifestyle.

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Kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes, but they also create mountains of waste. Each year in the UK, we throw out 4.2 million tonnes of food – worth £12.5 billion. That's £470/year per household on average! That’s on top of 4.9 million tonnes of plastic packaging. Imagine how much of that can be eliminated with just a little creative thinking and planning?

A kitchen with no plastic packaging or waste.

A plastic-free kitchen can feel more inviting and get you eating more healthy unprocessed foods 


What do a plastic cotton bud and a seahorse have in common? Nothing. So, it was tragic to see an image of a seahorse dragging a plastic cotton bud as one of the 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2017)' finalists. Why not stick to natural and re-usable products, simplify your bathroom routine and save time for more fun stuff!

Reusable wash cloths to reduce waste in the bathroom.

Simple switches like wash cloths instead of disposable towels can drastically reduce bathroom waste


When you're out and about, disposables are everywhere - coffee cups, plastic bottles, plastic straws, takeaway containers – and the waste impact is staggering. In the UK, we send 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups to landfill each year. Plastic bottle waste accounts for 10% of litter in the Thames. Invest in a few stylish reusables and you’ll really get your waste down!

Cafe with minimal waste packaging Eat in where you can and avoid takeaway packaging


According to advertisers, we need a different cleaner for each room and surface. Why? A simple surface cleaner is all that's needed. The reality is we buy cleaning products that are 70 to 80% water and shipped in plastic bottles that end up down-cycled or as waste.

Re-design your cleaning routine, and do a massive favour to your health and the environment.


Household waste can sneak up on you where you least expect it. For example, gardening seems like a ”green” hobby, but plastic pots are like the gardeners’ plastic shopping bag. Just a few simple changes around your home can make a huge impact.

Zero in on waste in your kitchen


We are lucky enough to live in the technological age, in which most things can be done electronically. Whatever happened to the paperless office? Why are we still buried in paper and cheap disposable pens? Go light and paperless in your office!

Zero in on waste in your office